Z-Cat Interview

7 years ago

Psychedelic Magazine: To kick things off, tell us a little bit about yourself and your introduction to psychedelic trance 10 years ago; How did you decide on your alias “Z-Cat”?

Z-Cat: it all started quite trivially, like many others! I just came to my first trance party and I was so much impressed, that I couldn’t think about anything else except for what I’ve experienced. About the name, I choose it because by Mayan calendar I am the “wild cat”, and I believe that my personality very similar to a character of cats, they are very independent, graceful, beautiful, but at the same time very funny and cute. Z is the last letter of the alphabet, which means the last one! So it’s kind of “the last cat”!

Psychedelic Magazine: Oh, sounds cool! Now, what made you pick Psytrance over other styles of music? Was there anything or anyone in Russia that inspired you?

Z-Cat: as I mentioned previously, I was impressed by the atmosphere on the Psytrance events, the crowd there was so friendly, everyone behaved like if they all were brothers and sisters, people shared everything, supported each other, getting friends so easy, everyone was in his own beautiful image, and each person played a very essential role on the dancefloor. It was 11 years ago when the psytrance was not divided on styles yet, we had only Psytrance, that’s it!

Psychedelic Magazine: Tell us about your upcoming release “Ablaze” EP.

Z-Cat: EP Ablaze is inspired by life, 3 tracks – 3 different emotions: Rush, Sadness, and encourage contemplation. You can pass it through quite clear while listening, and I believe it’s very important to insert emotions into the music, so you can feel ALIVE.

Z-Cat on fire!

Psychedelic Magazine: Tell me about your signing with Spanish based label Dropland Recordings. What made you feel it was a good label to represent your music?

Z-Cat: Dropland Recordings was representing some of my favorite artists, I like the style of the label. In general, I like the way they work, and I consider my music fits with the label. Also, Dropland and my agency Akida Bookings are close friends, so it was the best for me.

Psychedelic Magazine: When we contact the MMD Records label, which released your Debut full album “Reflected” last year, they mentioned your album did well online and physical sales. Were you surprised by the response it received?

Z-Cat: While discussing the release of my Album with MMD, they suggested making a digital release, because nowadays very few people would want to have a physical CD, and it could be quite a failure, but I insisted anyway. So later, when the release date arrived, I was really surprised when I found out that all CDs were sold out in the first 2 hours after release announce, so they had to print more! I want to say thank you for that amazing energy to all my dear supporters and followers.

Psychedelic Magazine: Semi-production question: Do you record your own vocals?

Z-Cat: Indeed. All the female voice you hear in my tracks is mine.

Psychedelic Magazine: What advice would you give to up-and-coming producers, particularly female ones?

Z-Cat: my advice is if you really want to make music, don’t waste the time. Because if we have a strong desire, we would find a million opportunities to make it, but if the desire is not big enough, we will get a million excuses.

Psychedelic Magazine: Thanks for the time, Yanna! You have any message to send to the psylovers out there?

Z-Cat: Be open, find your inspiration, and the thing will come to you itself. Thank you for your time too!

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