The universal knowledge

This is the photo that once upon a time blew me away forever and still, my imagination runs wild when I see it: every little...

The Chakras Explained

Located at the end of the spine between the anus and sex organs, the first chakra or root chakra is responsible for security and survival....

Summer Never Ends Festival 2015 Review

What a killer festival that was! At one of the best locations, you can get. Beautiful memories are bombing our brain so let’s put our...

Egorythmia Interview

Psychedelic Magazine: Hi there Boban. Let’s start with the basics, who you are and where are you from? Egorythmia: Hi there. I’m a music producer...
Spiritual healing vibration

History of Healing Vibration

Each and everyone possesses or is gifted with at least one talent that connects us to this universe, that one special thing which makes us...
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