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Psychedelic Magazine is an independent, underground, decentralized project, completely free of any charge and as such, the advertisement and our merchandise is our only source of income to stay alive and continue transmitting to all the freaks around the world!


With the utmost respect to the Tribe, its privacy, and the ethics of this scene, we offer a variety of innovative and highly-targeted solutions to bring your project in the center of the attention, whether it is personal, or a label, a festival, a shop, etc. Get at the forefront of the scene.


Small businesses and upcoming projects can benefit from the rise of visits and leads, while established projects and well-known psy enterprises will strengthen their brand identity and rise the brand awareness. It not about the size, it’s about the strategy and approach.


We offer the most competitive packages on the market, for a guaranteed Return On Investment. Get in touch with us today from our contact page and we’ll present to you our complete marketing arsenal. Let us hear about your project and help you achieve your goals and targets.

Who we are?

Here’s a brief overview of some work and awards before, firstly working full-time in the Psy scene, and secondly in the digital world with this magazine. Experience varies from small local businesses, to multi-billion market cap companies.

Holistic Approach

We have been, as freelancers, rated by the biggest human cloud of the planet as Top 1% in S.E.O. & Top 10% in Internet Marketing, out of 600,000 professionals that took the tests.

Highly Decorated

Before leaving "the matrix" to work full-time within the scene, the founder of this project won the "design merchandise" graphic contest of the world-renowned Exit Festival, in 2013, in Serbia.

Experience Matters

We have already work before, for major festivals, labels, etc. we know the targeting needs and we have already created tailor-made solutions in the magazine and on this site for each.

how we help?

Some of the areas our magazine can help and evolve new strategies for your project, no matter how big or small it is.


Full-Support release, Social Media Buzz, Magazine Submission, + More.


Exclusive Submissions, Web Page in the site, Festival Map, Variety of Ads, + More.


Placements, Social Pushing, Interviews, Tutorials, Press Releases, Videos, + More.


Shopping Page inside the Magazine, Social Media Buzz*, Variety of Ads, + More.

more services

We want to offer as much to this scene, so we bring to the table all the areas of our expertise! If you have a site you don’t like, or a designer you don’t trust,  or you’re thinking to launch a new project, we are here to help you!

Web Development

Our team can develop any kind of project, from simple web pages, to e-commerce and complete event-ticketing systems with QR scanning. 

Graphic Design

We have already created visual concepts for small parties to international festivals, with great success. Ask us for our portfolio.

Internet Marketing

From SEO campaigns Off & On-site, to whole Social Media campaigns, we can help you achieve in any web area, for your project. 

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