The New Psychedelic Magazine Issue is Out!

5 months ago
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The new Psychedelic Magazine #Dec23 is out! You can read it here:

In this issue, we delve into the world of Dekel, currently the hottest name in the psy-progressive scene, discussing his rise to fame and the inspirations behind his groundbreaking sound.

Also in this issue, we had the opportunity to sit down with Axel Diplock, the founder of Wildthings Records and the creative force behind E.V.P & RealityGrid, a prominent figure in the underground Psytrance scene.

Story #1: Explore the shadowy realm of espionage and altered states in ‘Tripping On Power: The CIA’s Psychedelic Adventures For Mind Control.‘ This article delves into the CIA’s clandestine experiments with psychedelics, uncovering a controversial chapter in the pursuit of mind control techniques during the Cold War era.

Story #2: Uncover the hidden crisis of our times in ‘The Loneliness Epidemic: Disconnected in a Connected World.‘ This article sheds light on the growing epidemic of loneliness, revealing how, even in our hyper-connected digital age, an increasing number of people are experiencing deep-seated feelings of isolation.

+++ Music Charts, and more!

Read it here:

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