The New Psychedelic Magazine Issue is Out!

2 months ago
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The new Psychedelic Magazine #Jun24 is out! You can read it here:

In this issue, we delve into the world of Ingrained Instincts, the rising stars in the psytrance scene, exploring their unique sound and the journey that has led them to the forefront of the genre. We also sit down with Via Axis, a name synonymous with transformative psytrance experiences, to discuss his creative process and the spiritual influences behind his music.

Must-Read Articles

Timothy Leary: The Quest to Redefine Consciousness: Dive into the life and legacy of Timothy Leary, a pivotal figure in the psychedelic movement. This article examines his groundbreaking work and the ongoing influence of his quest to expand human consciousness.

The Art Of Flow: Connecting With Creativity And Reducing Stress: Learn about the concept of flow and how it can enhance creativity and well-being. This piece provides practical tips on achieving a flow state and the benefits it can bring to your personal and professional life.

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