Music Shows

Music Shows


Start Dosing People. A show hosted by our Magazine and more specifically, Def Panic, the founder of Psychedelic Magazine. Every month we will feature the hottest artists in Psytrance, alongside in-house mixes promoting the newest Psytrance tracks hitting the music platforms.

Guest: E.V.P.

Guest: Endeavour


Beat Basement. Dedicated to Psytech and Psyprog! Presented by Boshke Beats and Horns & Hoofs Entertainment, Beat Basement promises to bring you the best in underground Psy-Tech and Psy-Prog music from around the world.

Guest: Jan Muller (X-Dream)

Guest: Vinny

Guest: CrennWiick


Zen Zone. dedicated to bringing you the best in downtempo and psychill music. Hosted by Maiia, founder of Mystic Sound Records, Zen Zone promises to take you on a journey through the cosmos with a carefully curated selection of music from the most innovative artists in the Psy-Chill music scene.

Guest: Hinkstep

Guest: Chronos