Gallery Free Earth Festival 2019

Free Earth Festival 2019 Gallery

A preview of the monumental Free Earth Festival 2019, in Halkidiki, Greece.  Shot by S&D Productions. For the complete albums check Free Earth's page on...
Gallery Elysium Island Festival 2020

Elysium Island Festival 2019

Some of the most impressive photos we've collected from the magical experience that is the Elysium Island Festival, in Serbia!
Festivals Free Earth Festival 2020

Free Earth rollover process

Dear Free Earth Brothers & Sisters, We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the very positive messages we have received from all...
Festivals Hadra festival 2013

Hadra Festival 2013

Hadra Trance Festival 2013 was a beautiful edition, in terms of organization, crowd, and music! More than 10000 people gathered for 4 days and 3...