About us

One United Love

Psychedelic Magazine is a collective of mind-alike psychedelic freedom fighters devoted to perpetuating the ideals of our tribe and keeping the psychedelic vibe alive! Our team is diverse and global. Our headquarter currently is in South Europe, while team members and associates are scattered all around the globe. From India to Brazil and from Canada to Australia.

about us

We have 27 years of active presence in the scene, from party-goers to industry professionals. We have gained expertise in production, collaborating with some of the most well-known festivals in Europe. Our partnerships include major labels, renowned artists, decorative crews, and organizational teams, across a wide range of projects, before entering the world of media.


One United Love

If you’re interested in the origin of the Psychedelic Magazine project and its tale, head over to our mission page. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive the magazine for free and follow our social media!

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