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The Story Behind

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Psychedelic Magazine was born as an idea in the early of 2014 and went to publish the first issue, in digital form, later that year.  The concept was created out of the desire for something new and fresh in the psychedelic media genre. The scene at the time was dominated by one specific magazine outlet, with specific contentand a specific layout. Constantly! That triggered in us the need to build something different, innovative, and motivational. Pioneering in many areas as it first came out, the concept was accepted with significant love support by the TribePushed the whole psychedelic media pack one step forward.


Not All Roses

But, it was not all roses. Several months in, signs of dysfunction start to appearing in the old teamresulting in ever so slower publication circles. Issue after issue things only got worst, while the demand for the project was growing rapidly. All in all, the magazine successfully released 14 issues, before eventually was put on ice in 2016to briefly return in 02/2018 for Parvati Records issue.


...We Are Back!

But now, we are back for good! Since the early of 2020, the soul of the founding lotis raising back up the Psychedelic Magazine banner, to take on the mission to revive this unique project and continue on the initial path of alternative thinking, innovative ideasand the fight for the free flow of information to all human beings, across the surface of mother earth, with no discriminations or prejudicial treatment for different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.

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Psy The World!

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With a new brand identity and an evergrowing vast network of mind-alike psychedelic freedom fighters, we’re coming back bigger and stronger than ever! We set in 2020 the tone for a new, psychedelic, absolutely massive decade trip! Bringing you all the latest news of the Tribe, along with exclusive material, interviews, tutorials, music, DJ sets, parties, festivals, after-movies, eco awareness, well-being, and everything that’s going on in the world! We share, we love, we unite! 


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