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6 years ago

Psychedelic Magazine: Hi there Nicola! Thank you for accepting to speak to our magazine!

Liquid Soul: You’re welcome! I’m glad you’re giving me this opportunity to speak with you guys.

Psychedelic Magazine: Let’s go back! How did you start with Psytrance in the first place?

Liquid Soul: I started listening to Trance & Techno in 1994 until around 2001, only then I discovered Psychedelic Trance. A friend of mine asked me to go to a Goa open-air party with him in the swiss mountains. As we arrived I was very impressed by the crowd & the deco and after a long, long night, I was in love with the psychedelic world and as such, Liquid Soul was born.

Psychedelic Magazine: What do you think about your evolve until today? It has been a long trip, ha?

Liquid Soul: Indeed! A long but beautiful trip. I saw and experienced a lot of amazing places and met some really cool people around the world.
I still love what I am doing and sure, the music always evolve, otherwise, it would become boring I guess.

Psychedelic Magazine: What are your fundamental principles when you seat at your studio to make new tunes?

Liquid Soul: There is no fundamental principle except that I need to be in good vibes because I understood during the last 20 years that if I try to force it, I will not be creative & constructive in the studio. So I always play a bit around until the main concept of the track feels right and then I go on constructing it.

Psychedelic Magazine: Is there any particular inspiration for you when you write music?

Liquid Soul: Not really. I get inspired by other music, great gigs, or just by nature.

Courtesy of Liquid Soul

Psychedelic Magazine: You’re one of the most successful artists in our scene. How do you receive this success?

Liquid Soul: I am very happy about that fact and I really appreciate it! As I know, I am one of the very few main artists in this scene who have the luck to share my own music worldwide and get amazing feedback from my followers. I do feel very blessed and I live my dream!

Psychedelic Magazine: What you think about our scene nowadays?

Liquid Soul: Everything became much more commercial, but I think that’s a great thing because the scene became really huge the last few years which I never ever expected to be honest. Of course, we all look back and say “it was nicer when it was smaller and more family-like”, but on the other hand, we have now amazing and professional events which we just dreamed about in the past.

Psychedelic Magazine: As you can guess, a lot of the readers are involved with music production themselves. Is there any tips to give them in their early production stages?

Liquid Soul: I always tell them to work hard and listen carefully to what others are doing regarding mixing or arrangement. But I also say always to try to find your own style and sound, because only unique and originals will succeed.

Courtesy of Liquid Soul

Psychedelic Magazine: What we’ll see if we walk in your studio as of today?

Liquid Soul: Not that much anymore as I sold a lot of my equipment over the last years. But I have a big TV screen in front of me, Adam x77 speakers, Nord Lead 2, Virus Snow, TR-8, TB-3, Xoxbox, Waldorf Q, Korg M3, etc.

Psychedelic Magazine: Oh, not that much! (laughs) Any favorite hardware and/or software?

Liquid Soul: At the moment I like Native Instruments as for example the “Massive” VST Plug-in. But I use “Sylenth” a lot since its released.

Psychedelic Magazine: Any personal work on the way that we should know about?

Liquid Soul: Right at the moment I’m working on a 2-hour DJ set for Perfecto Records, “Full-on Fluoro Vol.4” which will be released in August. besides that, I always work on new Liquid Soul tunes and collaborations.

Psychedelic Magazine: Are your side projects “dead” by now? We’re speaking about Earsugar and Liquid Ace, with Martin Knecht (e.g. Human Element) and Yoni Oshrat (e.g. Ace Ventura) respectively.

Liquid Soul: Well yes, it’s hard to find time for Earsugar as I am super busy with my main project, Liquid Soul, but maybe we’ll be able to make a track here and there. But at the moment I work on a track together with Yoni for his upcoming album.Besides that, I always work on new Liquid Soul tunes and collaborations.

Psychedelic Magazine: We can’t wait to listen to that! Is there any particular message you wanna send to all the lovers of our scene out there?

Liquid Soul: Do what you love and I wanna thank you for all the support I got from all of you during the past decade! See you all at the dancefloor!

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