Static Movement interview

9 years ago
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PM: Let’s start from the basics, who are you and where are you from? 

Static Movement: My name is Shahar Shtrikman, I was born in Ukraine on 11/6/1984 and in 1990 my family moved to Israel, and since, I live there.

PM: How you started with Psytrance in the first place? 

Static Movement: In 1996 I had some friends that gave me a Goa Trance tape to listen to. Somehow I got connected with the right people at the right time and sometimes we made private parties in the shelters of the houses.

PM: What got you into the production path? 

Static Movement: A friend showed me a program called impulse tracker, to produce beats. After that, I was experimenting with the program and tried to make tracks. Slowly the tracks became better and better. But all this was a hobby for me, I didn’t even know that there was parties or scene for this. I was 12 years old! It was just for fun. So the years passed and I changed the program to Cubase and continue producing and improving myself. In 2006 I moved to Tel Aviv and went to study sound engineering where I became one of the best students. Furthermore, my skills improved a lot, which made my music rise slowly up to an international quality level. 

PM: How do you define your style? 

Static Movement: Today, I have a few projects that I work with and every project is a different style but my main project is Static Movement. Which is Progressive Trance at the range of 135 to 140 bpm. Melodic and emotional morning Trance I could say, but I have also nighttime tracks. I have also commercial tracks. I have also the project Impulse which is more Full-On Psytrance, from 140 to 150bpm. Recently i started a new project which is more Israeli style, Middle-East melodies and strong baselines. 

PM: How do you see the psytrance scene nowadays? 

Static Movement: The Psytrance scene got bigger and bigger, with many artists, and many parties! Some of them are good and some of them, are less good. But my favorite time was in 2008. I liked this era because there weren’t so many artists and the ones who played were good. 

PM: You have a new album out recently. Talk to us a little bit about this. 

Static Movement: Yes, I just released my second album called “Sol”, delivered from the name of my daughter, born in march 2015. Mainly, I wanted to make this album and dedicate it to her, so she will remember this for all of her life. Secondly, for sure I wanted to do something good for all my fans! I worked a lot to produce music that can fit every person. This album is focused more on the “morning trance”, soft and positive sounds, atmospheric sounds, and vocals. Basically, I started to make this album at end of 2014. In January 2015 I finished the first track named Sol, and after 3 months the album was somewhat finished. But then I started to improve the tracks for more than 3-4 months and worked on every single detail to make everything perfect for my ears. One of the biggest things that you can hear, is the quality. Which is the most important for me.

PM: Do you have any production tips to give to the upcoming producers out there?

Static Movement: Be original! Don’t  “copy-paste” others.

PM: Analog or digital? 

Static Movement: I personally like digital this is my world, the new generation. However, I like to have the analog mastering when I finish my tracks. 

PM: Any message to send to our scene before we wrap this up?

Static Movement: I wanna thank everybody for supporting my music, and for coming to my live shows, which are the best for our scene. That we keep being connected and grow and enjoy quality music and parties in our lives.

Thank you for your time and Psychedelic eMag wishes you all the best for your project!

Static Movement: You’re welcome. Thank you for this opportunity to speak for my projects. Boom! 

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