E-Clip interview

9 years ago
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PM: Do you want to give an intro to yourself?

E-Clip: Hello everyone. I’m Marko aka E-Clip from Belgrade, Serbia.

PM: How you started with Psytrance in the first place?

E-Clip: It started in 2000. Actually NYE of 2000 I was at a massive party with Astral projection and Alien Project here in Belgrade. I went to this party accidentally and everything started after that.

PM: How do you see the booming of Serbian projects in the latest years?

E-Clip:  Well I must say that Serbia had a strong scene in the past, and always has been a place where musicians matter. I’m sure we would have had great producers much before if we had a better economic situation in the past. Today you don’t need an expensive studio and gear to make good-sounding music which is I believe a reason why producers from places like Serbia got a chance. In the past, if you wanted to produce something, nothing was possible without a good studio.

PM: Although the “internet era” brought up the problem of piracy (along with several benefits though), do you think a producer in our scene makes more money these days or it was better back in the old days?

E-Clip: It is true that the internet brought piracy and destroyed the music-selling business, but I believe it opened many other doors. It was never easier to promote your music than through the internet nowadays. I believe that making money as an artist today doesn’t have much influence from the internet, it has more with the growth of the scene, and yes I believe today is easier to get more money than in the past, but only if you work as a producer and performer, by only making music the income is almost zero. 

PM: If you had a “magic wand” for one time only, what would be the one thing that you would change to our scene?

E-Clip: I would book E-Clip for every event! (laughs) Just joking. Not sure I would change anything. I believe everything happens for a reason and that we should find solutions in every moment and situation.

PM: What means for you to be part of the IONO family? 

E-Clip: It means a lot. I’m really ambitious guy and I had a problem with finding a crew of people to work with, who share high goals with me, which I found all of them with IONO. 

PM: Let’s speak about production, as you know a lot of people are leaning on these days and I’m sure they want to read your suggestions.

E-Clip: Yeap. but I don’t think I will help them a lot with an answer here so I want to say that I’m preparing some tutorial videos soon for all of them! 

PM: Woah! That’s awesome news. So tell me, what DAW will find today at your studio and why do you prefer it?

E-Clip: Cubase and Ableton. Cubase if you ask me is the most stable and the best out there for mixing, but Ableton is the most user-friendly daw out there. How fast you can do things in Ableton is just insane, but I hate mixing in Ableton with problems of latency, etc. So basically I use Cubase as my core and use Ableton for some tricks in the creative process.

PM: The eternal question for a “newbie” is, what he needs to start producing music on a tight budget? 

E-Clip: I’ve spent a lot of money only to realize that there are only 3 things you should spend money on: Monitors, acoustics, and plugins. There is no need for hardware stuff today. Software technology is extremely good these days.  

PM: Is there anything specific you draw inspiration from? 

E-Clip: Nope, nothing specific. Mostly traveling inspires me. Some warm sunny places, something different from the Grey and rainy Europe.

PM: What you’re up to now? Any new work on the progress?

E-Clip: Yes. Kinda busy touring around, but we are working on Time Travelers at this moment. Preparing our first 2-track EP, and working on a new E-Clip single that will be out really soon on IONO. 

PM: Thank you for your time Marko and the Psychedelic Mag’s team wishes you all the best! 

E-Clip: Thank you, wish you all the best as well.

Follow E-Clip: https://www.facebook.com/eclipmusic

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