Infected Mushroom Interview

7 years ago

Psychedelic Magazine: So, let’s dive right in! How did you start with Psytrance in the first place?

Infected Mushroom: When we started making Electronic Music in Israel, Psy was very popular so it was a sound that we were naturally attracted to. By the time we met, we both had our own projects, but after collaborating on a couple of tunes, we decided to continue working together.

Psychedelic Magazine: It was hard to get known back in the days?

Infected Mushroom: It’s always been hard to become a famous electronic music act, but yes back then there were a lot of artists chasing their dreams. We are lucky to have remained relevant two decades years later.

Psychedelic Magazine: What you miss more (if anything) from the early days?

Infected Mushroom: Not much, we like the modern era!

Psychedelic Magazine: Today we find you in a piece of more experimental music than Psytrance. What moved you in that direction?

Infected Mushroom: People who don’t evolve tend to fade away. Over time we continued to incorporate our signature sound to different genres with the goal of making people go mental.

© Ryan Johnson

Psychedelic Magazine: How you respond to the people that saying you “don’t belong in Psytrance anymore”?

Infected Mushroom: They can feel that way, everyone is allowed to have their own opinions about music.

Psychedelic Magazine: When you started producing a different kind of music instead of the classic Psytrance, you guys knew that this will happen, right?

Infected Mushroom: Sure we knew.

Psychedelic Magazine: Do you still keep connections with our community? Playing any sets here and there?

Infected Mushroom: Yes, of course, we play Old-School sets, we also bring people like Astrix to play with us. We play all kinds of venues, from mainstream festivals to Psy parties.

Psychedelic Magazine: Talk to us a little bit about today. You’ve made some of the biggest achievements any act -coming from psytrance scene- ever had! Only GMS can come close (with their Hollywood soundtracks) but no Billboard charts and so forth! How do you see all this success?

Infected Mushroom: We are very grateful for all of the opportunities & experiences, also for all of our fans and our families (who have given us so much support). It’s been a great honor to have been twice voted in the top 10 electronic music acts in the world and to have played the most prestigious parties around the globe.

Psychedelic Magazine: You mind that all this success pulled you away, according to psy-fans, from the “underground” area to the so-called “Mainstream” acts?

Infected Mushroom: All of these questions about underground versus mainstream are very relative. In our eyes we are still underground, and nowhere near the status (or ideology) of people like Guetta, SHM, etc. If people don’t like the direction our music has turned, they are free to listen to other artists. We would argue our fan base has broadened since the days of Goa, but that doesn’t make us any less quality in terms of underground dance music.

Psychedelic Magazine: I think this “sealed the deal”. Let’s talk a little bit about this awesome construction we saw you playing live. The idea behind, etc. Also, is it something regular or for a limited-time?

© Frank Poulin

Infected Mushroom: This is our 3D projection-mapped visual journey that we call Fungusamongus. It has been very well received and we have done most of the shows within the States, but we also have been able to perform this set in places like Canada, Israel, and Russia. We look forward to bringing it to other parts of Europe someday soon!

Psychedelic Magazine: Where do you see your future?

Infected Mushroom: Hopefully continuing to do what we are doing. Perhaps expanding into soundtracks and video games.

Psychedelic Magazine: Any chance of producing new tunes with the beautiful Psytrance that our tribe met you and know you for?

Infected Mushroom: Nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

Psychedelic Magazine: Thank you very much for your time and the Psychedelic team wishes you even bigger success!

Infected Mushroom: Thank you!

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