Hypnoise Interview

9 years ago
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PM: Hey Locos! Glad to see you again! 

Juan: Yeah man! Big pleasure! 

PM: You both had solo projects before you start Hypnoise in 2009. How did your collaboration start? 

Juan: Actually the project started in 2010, I just moved back to Madrid and was starting a progressive solo project when Jaime showed me his latest productions and we thought it could be nice to make a couple of tracks together after a few tunes we realize, it would be a killer idea to make a proper project together.

Jaime: when Juan arrives to madrid, i was just learning production after i finished my degree in audio engineering. I got just a couple of tracks done and he was full power into it, so he showed me a lot of production tricks and techniques. It was a pleasure to have a partner like Juan and was a killer idea to join forces and started Hypnoise.

PM: All these years you have traveled all around the world, and last winter you were in Asia. Which countries did you play in? 

Hynpoise: We played in Thailand and India. 

PM: Did you enjoy the whole experience? 

Juan: I already played in Thailand a couple of years ago with my older project, so this year was the first time presenting Hypnoise to the Asian crowd at the Experience Festival in Koh Tao, and was a total blast! Really professional promoters (already good friends) and super friendly freaks dancing as maniacs! It was great! after that, I travel to India to make a little tour of goa and some cities and was also one to remember. I played in beautiful parties and hang around with top-notch artists, Goa is a must destination for any psytrance artist.
Jaime: Was an amazing experience! was my first time in Thailand and I really enjoyed it. Experience festival was unbelievable in Koh tao, New Year, an awesome place, with lovely people and killer music!

PM: Till now where did you meet the hottest dance floor?

Hypnoise: That’s a difficult question, every dance floor is different and we enjoyed all of them in different ways, but if we have to choose a couple of them I would say that Freqs of Nature in Germany, Experience in Thai and Halkidiki Dance Xperience were the hottest ones so far!! 

PM: So let’s talk music! Give us some details on the way you produce. You work in the same studio or separately?

Jaime: We used to live together in Madrid so at that time all the productions were in the same studio, but since Juan moves to Valencia we normally work through the internet and then meet once a month to finalize the tracks. It’s kind of a pain in the ass but it’s working so far.

PM: And your favorite toys in the studio? 

Hypnoise:  We love the Virus, each one of us got one in the studio, so we use it a lot in our productions. Also, a lot of plugins and stuff… and of course, we love our Dynaudio BM6A monitors, crystal clear response!

PM: What about your new Album, Dimensional Shifting?

Hypnoise: It’s almost done. We just have to finish a couple of tunes, we have some good collaborations on it as well as a couple of remixes from some secret artists. But soon we will announce it properly. We already upload a couple of teasers on our sound cloud channel for you to check.

PM: A few words about your own label, Maharetta Records?

Hypnoise: We started the label a couple of years ago and we got a superb response from DJs and freaks all around. We are now working on a couple of EPs from Ying Yang Monks and some new artists we will present to you properly really soon, and VAs from Dj Raoul, Apnea and us are also on the way.
We just signed new DJs from Greece (Wingman) and the US (alexander-faze2) and also we opened a branch of Forest (captained by Ludopsy and Emize) and Progressive signing Keemiyo to cover almost all the range of psychedelic music. So you can expect a lot of stuff coming really soon!

PM: What are your Summer plans for this year?

Hypnoise: We have some parties around Europe this summer, but the highlights will be the BOOM Festival in Portugal and Freqs of Nature in Germany. We are super excited about it! We still have a lot of dates open though which are closing slowly.

PM: I think it’s time to let you maniacs go back to the studio, so before we close, send your message to the global psychedelic tribe!

Hypnoise: Love to be part! I can’t imagine my life without you maniacs! And hope we see you all around rising dust on every dance floor! Thanks for the support! and Best Vibes to all of you!

PM: Was a real pleasure brother! Psy you soon!  

Hypnoise: Same same here! hugs lokoz!

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