Tristan Interview

9 years ago
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PM: Hi there Tristan! Do you want to give an intro to yourself?

T: Hello my name is Tristan from London and I’m a psytranceaholic!

PM: Your history is going so back that probably some people don’t know the facts. How did you start with Psytrance in the first place?

T: I started raving in 1989 before Goa Trance had become a genre, so I had already been DJing for a couple of years when I went to India in 1993 and discovered the party scene happening there and it literally blew my mind. I never looked back and it’s been my life ever since

PM: How do you see the transformation of our scene from those days till today?

T: Perhaps it’s not so wild and free as it once was and the sense of ‘unchartered territory’ may have passed, but the psytrancers today get to experience some of the best parties and festivals that have ever been.

PM: There are not so many DJs or projects that “survived” from the first stages of psytrance back in the ’90s till this day, 2014! What do you think is the “secret”?

T: persistence and genuinely loving what I do.

PM: As you are one of the “veterans” in the psytrance scene, where and how do you see the psytrance scene nowadays?

T: The scene ebbs and flows in different parts of the world, but generally on a global level, psytrance is as healthy and vibrant and fun as it’s ever been.

PM: Probably you can guess that a lot of the readers are involved also in the music production themselves. Let’s talk a little about production. What DAW will we find at your studio?

T: I moved from Logic to Ableton about 2 years ago.

PM: Any favorite tools, VSTs, Etc.?

T: Ableton plugins for psychedelic music are my favorite.

PM: What is your “production advice” to the people out there trying to make blasting tunes?

T: A good room to produce in, and use good ‘source’ material. If you need 10 plug-ins on the sound it probably isn’t right.

PM: How do you see the future of psytrance? Is the BPM going down or does the magic number “145” lives strong?

T: Right now the magic tempo is 146! With a slightly different groove.

PM: As we’re reaching the end, do you want to send any message to our culture out there?

T: The scene in Greece is one of the oldest, most loyal, and most committed in the world. I feel so much love when I play at parties there, it’s always a pleasure to visit; I bring my family to Greece every year for a holiday as we love the food, culture, and of course the romantic nature of the country!

PM: Thank you very much for your time and the Psychedelic Magazine team wishes you all the best! Keep blasting!

T: Absolutely my pleasure!

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