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6 years ago
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Based in Athens, Greece, started as a local hero and then catapulted himself as one of the most popular acts of Parvati Records, Confo is taking the world by storm so we forcibly took him out of his conquest to talk to us a little bit about it. Here’s what we said!

PM: So, let’s get into it right away, shall we? How were you hooked on Psytrance in the first place?

Confo: I’m 30 now and have been listening to and following psychedelic trance since 12 years old. Then at the age of 14 decide to try and go to a rave party. In that days for a kid 14 years old was difficult to pass the security door cause of the young age. So my first psytrance party I went to was in 2002 at the legendary club “+SODA” in Athens and the guest artist was Hux Flux. I was a big fan of Coyote Records back in these days. So Hux Flux for me was something like music from outer space. After that, the trip started and I start attending almost every party in Athens for more psychedelic inspiration.

PM: And which were the things that made you jump on with the music production of this music?

Confo: First of all, I am coming from a family of musicians. all the members of my family were teachers of some musical instrument. When I was 6 years old my parents sent me to study at a music school in Athens, where I also study for 9 years Classical Violin. Well, after all this somehow I knew already that my mission in this world is to become a musician. The beginning was at the age of 17. At that time I started to collect and mix music around Greece. Very fast I got bookings for many events and then at the age of 20 decided to start my own production of tracks. The path in music production was long, but with many hours working in the studio a part of the dream came true. If I think about what really gave me this passion to start producing my own tracks I’ll say it was the dream to explore the world with my music box. Especially cause I always enjoyed psychedelic parties around the world and I’ve been so much in love with what feelings a psytrance artist can bring to people. So, yes, that is what really makes me be in love with this.

PM: How would you define your style?

Confo: Is very important for me to make people dance so I give much of my attention to producing dance music and I like to use deep and funky soundscapes. I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from Farebi Jalebi, Atriohm, and Arjuna. In our scene nowadays there are many styles out there, so, I want to count myself into the Forest side of things.

PM: Catapulting from a local hero to Parvati’s front line must be a crazy ride, right?

Confo: No words to describe this feeling! I have to admit things run very fast and to be honest I still don’t believe all this, because is a crazy ride as you said. When I think about all that I say to myself “just do what you do with the same what comes it comes”. Is a big honor for me, though, to be an artist of the Parvati family. So yes, it is crazy!

PM: We’ve seen you rocking a violin. Is it something you do regularly?

Confo: As I said above, the classical violin is a part of my life.

PM: Is there any advice for young producers out there ing to make beats?

Confo: I am genuinely very impressed with how fast the new generation of producers is learning. I really love to see young producers working hard with a full passion for psytrance music. The advice I have to give to the young producers is just don’t copy anybody! Try to develop your own style cause what I love about the psytrance scene is that always there are new styles coming out and always, when your production arrives on a good level there is a place in the world for that and people will like your music.

PM: Favorite DAW and/or VST Plugins?

Confo: Ah, My best friend in the studio right now is Mr. VIRUS SNOW. I also use the G2 Nord Modular. I will never forget my special connection back in the days with Albino. About VSTs, I like always to search for new things so is a thing that never stops.

PM: What do you consider as your career’s highlight until now?

Confo: Nice question. But to be honest is many many moments! For sure my live acts at Modem Festival (Croatia) are something that still gives me goosebumps. Then it’s also the epic Parva-
ti Day in Mexico with 7 live acts from Parvati label was something to remember forever also. And for sure I’ll never forget some highlight moments from Goa India. Is a place that is an important station of my life and for sure also in what I am doing now with music. But every gig, festival, or party has its magic and this is something that gives me the power to my work in the studio.

PM: Speaking for the studio, do you have any work in progress that you would like to share with us?

Confo: Actually, I do! What I have to share with you is the information about my upcoming album on Parvati Records. I plan to release it in some months and will be an album with four Confo solo tracks and another four collaboration tracks. Due to my very busy schedule lately, the last months are difficult to stay and work for long in the studio, but the spring of 2018 will be dedicated to finishing this album. And make no mistake, I can’t wait for it!

PM: Is there any message you want to send to our psychedelic tribe out there before we wrap this up?


PM: Well, that is a good statement to close this interview. Love is the answer! Thank you for your time and we wish you all the best for the rest of your unfulfilled dreams of yours! If any by now!

Confo: Thank you!

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