Giuseppe Interview

6 years ago
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PM: We strongly doubt if there’s any person in this scene that doesn’t know you by now, but, do you want to give an intro to yourself for those few clueless folks that don’t actually know you?

G: I am Giuseppe, founder of Parvati Records, Italian by birth, and living in Aarhus, Denmark for many years. My biggest passion, apart from Psychedelic Trance, is to travel, and actually, these two things go perfectly together!

PM: How far back goes your story with Psychedelic Trance music and how all it started for you?

G: My story with Psychedelic Trance music goes back to the early ’90 and it is deeply connected to my travels and discovery of Goa and generally India where I landed for the first time in 1986.

PM: Tell us a little bit about those early Goa years. They must have a different purity than nowadays, didn’t they?

G: For sure everything was very different from nowadays, as also the party scene. At that time psytrance music was a real underground movement, not touched by the rules of commerce. Money was not part of it to any extend: the parties were free and the DJs would also not get paid to play music. All this came after! Also, there were no idolizations of the artists/DJs. The music was not played from a real stage and often you would arrive at the party and you would not even see where the DJ was, plus, there was never the question of who was the DJ. The only question was: “where is the party?”

PM: So, which were the reasons & motivations that gave birth to Parvati Records?

G: We are in the middle of the ’90s and I was already based in Denmark. I started with a small group of close friends to organize Goa parties in Aarhus on a regular basis. It was a super small scene, pioneering times for us coz nobody around here had ever heard such a sound but slowly our events started to attract more and more people so, in the end, we had always sold out. Our crew and events were called Instant Karma and we had guest artists like Total Eclipse, Dino Psar- as, Koxbox, etc. In this way we got more and more involved in the scene: doing the parties and spending winters in Goa while at that time there were only a few Labels (TIP, Flying Rhino, Dragonfly, Iboga, Hommega) we thought there would be room for a new Record Label focusing on a more night twisted sound and so Parvati Records was born!

PM: Were the early years of Parvati tough, in terms that this sub-genre, of Forest, Dark, and so forth, wasn’t really around yet?

G: In the early years of the Label there was not something called Forest Music: in our very beginning, the year 2000, the scene was one. Then, really slowly, it came to this first separation between Full On and Dark and for sure Parvati Records was at the forefront of the so-called Dark movement (even if I never liked the word Dark for our Label), and then the Psychedelic Trance music started to grow for real and to develop more and more sub-genres.

PM: Did you ever dream that Parvati will grow to be this, objectively, worldwide movement inside the Psytrance genre with this huge core of followers?

G: Not really to be honest. I started the Label as a “hobby” thing because music was my passion and Psy Trance became my way of life, so we never had a business plan or stuff like that to make the company grow. We managed our things one day at a time, taking things as they were coming, trying all the time to be true to ourselves, and doing our best in everything we are doing!

PM: Question of personal flavor: Which are your favorite acts, in terms of music, inside the Parvati family currently? We’re sure you love them all but you must have some favorites. Don’t you?

For sure, I love them all! About favorites, it goes in periods. Right now I have now a special crush on our German/Nordic producers Ectogasmics, Nobot, and Cracked Nozes. What I like about Parvati Records is that we have twisted psychedelic music for any time of the party: we have from light to heavy, from groovy to banging, and from more easy-going to very intense. And we are different you will not hear the same bass lines or leads from my artists. Everything is original and made by the heart, not by the head! Honestly, I do not think you can find another Label with the same variety of styles under the same banner.

With the same motive of personal flavor: If had only one pick and you could choose any artist from our scene to get him in the Parvati label, which one that would be?

G: There are many artists that I love and respect and who are not inside my label. So here, just for this interview, I will choose not one but two producers who play at the 2 ends of the BPM scale: one slow, Hypogeo, and one fast, Orestis.

PM: Both superb projects. So, back at it! What are the next steps of Parvati Records for the forthcoming future?

G: The next steps for us are to keep on having fun with what we do and in the music matter, we have a very tight release schedule with Albums and Compilations in the pipeline and there will come more Dub/Downtempo releases. We also want to focus more on visual’s productions in developing our YouTube channel. We’ve seen launching a new concept in the latest years by featuring “Parvati Label Night” or whole dedicated dancefloors inside festivals, like the example of Free Earth Festival in Greece.

PM: Tell us a little bit about the idea behind these projects and is it something that you consider growing bigger and further?

G: Yes, I had this idea of the Parvati Night for some years now and it came by looking at my artist rooster: Parvati Records has now a big group of artists who share the same motivations and passion for the music but of course, the outputs of their studios are quite different, so I felt that we could offer many hours of music under the same concept and with enough differences to make it interesting for the people. In 2010 we managed a stage at Full Moon Festival in Germany (now that festival changed its name to Freqs Of nature) and this was a huge success and became the start of the Parvati Nights that now have been booked by many Festival and Party organizers around the world. With Free Earth we have an old love story, that is present in every edition and we are looking forward to our Parvati Stage there in the coming summer of 2018.

PM: As anyone can easily guess, there are a lot of young guns out there trying to make their way into the professional world. What does someone need to have to get signed to the Parvati label?

G: To be original and passionate! Do not think to make money with it but express what you have inside through the music.

PM: So, finally, what is Parvati Records? What defines Parvati Records?

Parvati Records is a group of friends who share the same passion and way of life and we are defined by the trance community and crowd who come and dance to our parties and Parvati Night. We are Community!

Do you want to send any message to our Tribe before we close this talk?

G: I don’t know really about messages but I like to express my love for this scene and share it with each and everybody I meet in my travels and at the events, I participate in. Let’s try everybody to be real and do things with the heart!

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