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Exploring the Modulation Matrix: A Deep Dive into Pigment Synth VST Plugin by Arturia

1 year ago
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Hey there, producers! Are you looking for a new way to add some extra flavor to your tracks? Look no further because we’ve got the perfect solution for you: Pigment Synth VST Plugin by Arturia.

First things first, let us just say that this synth is a BEAST. With its sleek interface and intuitive design, it’s incredibly easy to navigate and start creating some seriously trippy sounds. And trust us, there are A TON of options when it comes to sound design. From classic analog synth waves to digital and wavetable options, Pigment has got you covered.

One of the standout features of this plugin is the “Modulation Matrix”. The Modulation Matrix is a powerful tool that allows you to route any modulation source to multiple destinations within the synth. This means you can control multiple parameters with a single modulation source, giving you total control over your sound design. The Modulation Matrix includes a variety of sources such as LFOs, envelopes, velocity, and more.

The Modulation Madness of Pigment Synth

With this feature, you can create some truly unique and intricate sound designs. For example, you can modulate the cutoff frequency of your filter with an LFO, while at the same time modulating the amplitude of your sound with another envelope. The possibilities are endless, and you can experiment with different modulation combinations to find the perfect sound for your track.

Another cool feature of the Modulation Matrix is the ability to create your own custom LFO shapes. This means you can create unique modulation patterns that you won’t find anywhere else. This opens up even more creative possibilities and allows you to add a truly unique touch to your sounds.

Another impressive aspect of Pigment is the built-in effects section. With a range of effects like delays, reverbs, chorus, and even a vocoder, you can easily add some extra dimension to your sounds. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also use the “FX Slots” to route your sounds through any VST effect you want, giving you an endless range of sound design possibilities.

The arpeggiator is a fun addition, especially for all of you Psytrance producers out there. It’s simple to use and can be easily synced to your DAW’s tempo. And if you want to get even more experimental, try using the “Random” function to create some truly mind-bending sequences.

More On Pigment Synth VST

One of our favorite things about Pigment is how versatile it is. It’s not just a one-trick pony, as it can be used for a wide range of genres and styles. Whether you’re making psytrance, techno, house, or anything in between, this synth will deliver the goods.

And let’s talk about the sound quality. Oh boy, it’s top-notch. From warm and fat basslines to soaring leads, Pigment delivers on all fronts. The sound design options are endless, and you’ll never run out of new and exciting sounds to explore.

Finally, we’d like to touch on the ease of use. As we mentioned earlier, the interface is super user-friendly, making it simple to get started and dive right in. And if you do run into any issues or have any questions, Arturia’s customer support is top-notch and always there to help.

In conclusion, Pigment Synth VST Plugin by Arturia is a must-have for any producer looking to add some extra flavor to their tracks. With its versatile sound design options, intuitive interface, and built-in effects, you’ll be making some seriously trippy tracks in no time. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Pigment and start creating some mind-bending sounds today!

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