Bass to the Beat: Review of the 808 Studio 2 Bass Synth VST by Initial Audio

10 months ago
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808 Studio 2 by Initial Audio is the bass synth VST plugin that’s been shaking up the dance world. This powerful tool has quickly become a staple for producers looking to add some extra grit, punch, and low-end warmth to their tracks. And let me tell you, the 808 Studio 2 delivers big time!

First off, let’s talk about the interface. The design is simple, intuitive, and clean. You’ll have no trouble dialing in the perfect bassline with the help of the large, easy-to-read knobs. And if you’re looking to get creative, the multiple oscillator and filter options provide endless opportunities for shaping your sound.

The 808 Studio 2 is packed with over 100 presets

Now, let’s get down to the real meat and potatoes of this plugin – the sound. The 808 Studio 2 is packed with over 100 presets, each more bodacious than the last. From the classic TR-808 sounds to more modern, in-your-face basslines, this synth has you covered. But if you want to get even deeper, the modulation and distortion options allow you to add extra character and grit to your sound.

But wait, there’s more! The 808 Studio 2 also includes an arpeggiator and step sequencer, giving you even more ways to add life to your basslines. And if you’re looking for even more inspiration, the built-in chord and scale options make it easy to craft intricate and complex basslines in no time.

Now, let’s talk about integration. The 808 Studio 2 is compatible with most DAWs and runs smoothly on both Mac and PC. The plugin also supports multiple file formats, making it a breeze to save your presets and recall them for future projects.

Overall the 808 Studio 2

Overall, the 808 Studio 2 by Initial Audio is a must-have for any psytrance producer looking to add some extra oomph to their tracks. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this plugin is a no-brainer. It’s packed with features, has a clean interface, and sounds amazing. Plus, with its affordable price point, there’s no excuse not to add it to your arsenal.

So there you have it, folks. The 808 Studio 2 is the real deal. If you’re looking for a bass synth that’ll bring your tracks to life, look no further. Get your hands on this bad boy and start laying down some serious basslines!

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