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Vibe Tribe interview

Vibe Tribe spoke exclusively to Psychedelic Magazine! Here’s what he said:

PM: Hi Stas! Thank you for accepting our invitation to speak for your Vibe Tribe project! Do you want to give an intro for yourself?

Vibe Tribe: Hi, Thanks for the invitation! My name is Stas and I am more known as Vibe Tribe and other projects I am involved with is DaVinci Code, Bizzare Tribe, and Mainstage Records.

Vibe Tribe interview

Vibe Tribe at work!

PM: How you started with Psychedelic Trance production in the first place?

Vibe Tribe: Well I discovered psychedelic trance (or Goa trance as it was called at the time..) more or less when I was 8-9 years old, It was different and got my attention as a kid, later on, I fell in love with the genre and the rest is history. (laughs)

PM: How you see your journey in Psytrance till now?

Vibe Tribe: Hmm. Good question, I would say its one hell of a ride that’s always evolving and taking me to new places and new perspectives.

Q. You have anything you consider as the highlight of your career?

Vibe Tribe: Had lots of great moments hard to name one specific  but I would say playing in the same event with The Prodigy, grew up on them and I consider them as one of my heroes.

PM: We saw that you’ve been announced by the gigantic Tomorrowland, congrats for that. You think Tomorrowland is too mainstream for Psychedelic Trance or, our scene has grown so popular nowadays that even this major EDM festivals feel that they need to have Psytrance?

Vibe Tribe:  Thank you, I don’t think so because Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world if not THE, It has mainstream stages as long as d&b, techno, and psytrance stage. Any electronic music fan would easily find his favorite genre, there is a stage for anyone there and I also think it’s a great step for the psytrance music in general.

PM:  How you see the future of Psytrance?

vibe-tribe4Vibe Tribe: I see it keeping evolve and reaching to new heights, the Psytrance had his ups and downs but it seems like there is a good “UP” now many of the producers that disappear for a while are coming back now producing new stuff and fresh beats, I also really love that the direction now is less commercial that the full on that was going on a few years back, it is more “psychedelic trance” with 2014 standards of production, I find myself enjoying many new releases that coming out this day which was not happening for me at least in the last 2-3 years.

PM: Talk us a little bit about your newly released track, Story of D.M.T., humongous track! Is with Spade and Faders, two  kinda fresh producers of your scene.

Vibe Tribe: Well that track is a story! (laughs) I am extremely proud of it and I think its one of the best tracks I personally was involved with in the last few years it also just hit #1 on Beatport top100 tracks a few days ago so I guess the public has said his word about this one  I have made it with 2 great friends of mine Elmar (Spade) and Or (Faders) both are producers that I respect and like a lot of their own tracks, so it was just natural for us to join forces on this track.

PM: As you can imagine, a lot of our readers are involved in the production themselves. What are your production tips for the upcoming producers out there?

Vibe Tribe: Put all the time you can in it, Don’t look for shortcuts, walk the extra mile, try new stuff try to be innovative don’t try to do the same thing that was done over and over again. If you want to be successful you should bring a fresh breeze to the scene with your own mark.

PM: What is your studio set up as of today and what is your primary DAW program?

Vibe Tribe: The list is pretty long but the main ingredients in that soup are Logic X for DAW, Focal Twin6BE speakers, Apogee soundcard and for synths Virus TI, Moog Voyager, Roland V-Synth GT, Nord lead, Novation and few more goodies (laughs!)

PM: Any favorite tools/plugins our fans should now?

Vibe Tribe: Synth-wise I like a lot the Massive, Circle, Synth 1, some of the Arturia stuff that’s what I can remember now for plugins as effects I couldn’t live without my UAD2 bundle.

PM: Which are your confirmed upcoming gigs people can see you live?

Vibe Tribe: Again it’s quite a list so best would follow my facebook page for upcoming events, Currently I am answering this interview from an airport lounge on the way to Copenhagen.

PM: Thank you very much for your time Stas and we wish you all the best.

Vibe Tribe: Thank you very much as well best wishes and keep spreading the good vibe.. (tribe)


Follow Stas at his Vibe Tribe Facebook fan page or to his SoundCloud profile!

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