Making zaps with NI Massive

8 years ago
  1. File -> New Sound
  2. Move the OSC 1 filter balance to F1
  3. Drag 1Env to OSC1 pitch slot and drag to the maximum level of 64
  4. Adjust master level to get a strong signal but make sure it doesn’t clip
  1. Select 1Env (which now controls pitch) and highlight the Trg Zero Reset. This will ensure that the envelope restarts each time it’s triggered. [Red]
  2. Increase release time to maximum and bring the decay section level down to zero. This will ensure that the pitch naturally resolves to its original tone. [Blue]
  3. Adjust attack level for how pokey/squeaky you want the zap to be. [Yellow]
  4. Use the attack and Decay to shape how the zap behaves, for pokey zaps I use no attack and a short decay, for “wow” style zaps a long attack and long decay for example. [Green]
  5. To get even more creative try different envelope shapes. [Purple]
  1. Go to FILTER 1 and select the filter type “Bandpass”
  2. Decrease the Bandwidth to about 9 o’clock. Increasing bandwidth widens the filter band which in turn decreases the effect.
  3. Drag 5LFO to the cutoff and increase amount by about 50%. This will set the lfo to control the cutoff so when you start performing the zaps will modulate.
  1. Select 5LFO and shift XFade Curve to the top. [Red]
  2. Deselect “Restart” and select “Sync”. [Blue] This will make the LFO move in tempo with the tune.
    “ If you want a more squiggly uncontrolled sound try using another LFO to automate the rate instead of using Sync. “
  3. Adjust the ratio for how fast you want the LFO to move, I’ve set it to 3 to 4. [Yellow]

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Many thanks for reading!

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