Making Risers Using Massive VST: With Mechanimal

7 years ago

Step 1: Preparation
Open Massive and draw in a MIDI part the length you would like your rise in the key of your track. In this case, I’ve created a 16 bar long note in the key of G.

Capture 1

Step 2: Pitch automation
Select: File -> New Sound [Yellow], Raise Filter Balance to F1 [Green], apply Macro Control 2 to OSC 1 pitch: drag up to 36, and lastly rename Macro 2 to “Pitch” [Red].

Capture 2

Step 3: Automation
Open up automation for the new “Pitch” Macro Control and draw up a line. I like to start the pitch bend a beat late and finish a beat early so you can hear the key start and resolve. Now you have your basic riser.

Capture 3

Step 4: Modulation
Select Bandpass filter [Yellow], Click 5 LFO tab, assign to Cutoff [Purple], and assign the Pitch macro control to 5 LFO rate: drag to the drop [Red].

Capture 4

Step 5: Tips & Tricks
You can get some interesting tones by applying the Pitch Macro to different parts of the synth (like the filter in the previous step). Try applying the Pitch Macro to other areas for example panning, wt-position, and fx to name a few. Why not add more oscillators and get them pitching in different directions to get the THX sound effect.

Thanks for reading!

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