Making a bass line using NI Kontakt

7 years ago

Saw Wave
Record a saw wave from your favorite VST or hardware synth in the key of your track (in this case G0). Make sure it’s a long sample such as two bars and recorded loud without clipping.

Open an instance of Kontakt, program a bass line and drag your new saw wave sample into Kontakt.

Capture 1

Key Mapping
Press the spanner to open up the Sample Editor [RED], select Mapping Editor [BLUE] and drag the yellow zone to your key (in this case G0) [PINK] and stretch the zone to fill the full keyboard [GREEN]

Capture 2

Select Script editor > Preset > Factory > Perfomance > Unisono Portamento. Turn Mono mode on.

Capture 3

Go to group insert effects and select a LowPass filter of your preference. I have chosen Ladder LP2

Capture 4

Select Mod > Add Modulator > Elvelopes > AHDSR from the filter you selected. Here it’s ldrL2.

Capture 5

Scroll down the Cut-Off envelope and adjust the settings to taste. In this case, I have given it no attack, medium decay, low sustain, and full release.

Capture 6

Final Adjustments
Adjust the Cut-Off [RED], Envelope amount [BLUE] volume release [PINK], Cut-Off decay [GREEN] and sustain [CYAN] to taste. Feel free to copy my settings below as a starting point.

Capture 7

Experiment recording the initial saw wave from various VST’s or hardware and find what brings the best result. To get different tones try using different low pass filters. This tutorial isn’t limited to bass lines: Why not import a different kind of waveform and modulate with different effects.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this useful.

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