Free Earth rollover process

2 years ago

Dear Free Earth Brothers & Sisters,

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the very positive messages we have received from all of you. You are filling us with optimism and positivity for the future. In case you decide to donate your ticket, you can claim your benefits during August. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to continue our efforts into making Free Earth Festival one of the best festivals in the world.

This year would be the first edition that we would sell out all our tickets during pre-sale and you could have experienced a true mind blowing festival experience. Unfortunately COVID-19 had different plans for all of us. We promise you that we are absolutely determined to return next year, with a festival experience that will shake you up! We are sure that with your support we can do everything!

Our ticket provider has prepared the software in order to complete the ticket roll over process and receive easy and direct your ticket for Free Earth Festival 2021.

Please NOTE, the Roll Over process will be available only until 31 July.

Please follow the link:…/free-earth-festival-2020-2021.php…

For any clarification concerning online tickets, please email:
For Ambassador tickets roll over, please contact your ambassador direct.

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