Tesla Principle interview

6 years ago

Psychedelic Magazine: Let’s start from the basics for the people that don’t know you; Who you are and where you’re from.

Tesla Principle: I’m Stefan aka Tesla Principle. I’m coming from the south of Serbia, small-town Krusevac. At this moment I’m living in Novi Sad.

Psychedelic Magazine: How you started with Psychedelic Trance?

Tesla Principle: At first, I was just a listener of psychedelic trance and in one moment, after the first visit one of the biggest psychedelic festivals in Europe, I became obsessed with producing Psytrance music.

Psychedelic Magazine: How you got involved with Psytrance production?

Tesla Principle: I was surrounded by stories of producing and day by day, production became part of my life.

Psychedelic Magazine: How you would define your style?

Tesla Principle: I can freely say the project Tesla Principle is Psytrance with a strong kick and bass and modern Goa melodies.

Psychedelic Magazine: What gig you consider as the highlight of your career till now?

Tesla Principle: I like to think as a highlight gig the Ritual festival by Tree Of Life in Turkey.

Courtesy of Elysium Island Festival

Psychedelic Magazine: Is there any festival you would like to play and you haven’t until today?

Tesla Principle: Hmmmm, there is a lot of music festivals where I would like to play, but one of my favorites definitely would be Ozora.

Psychedelic Magazine: Any favorite DAW and/or VST’s these days?

Tesla Principle: I use a lot of VST’s but one of my favorite VST is probably the good old Sylenth.

Psychedelic Magazine: Where do you see our scene going in the upcoming years?

Tesla Principle: We have very good artists and a lot of quality music all over the world. I think the scene is going in the right way.

Psychedelic Magazine: Is there any particular message you wanna send to all the psytrance lovers out there?

Tesla Principle: Live every minute of your life like it’s the last!

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