KoxBox Interview

7 years ago

This month our magazine seats down with one of the older acts still around, KOXBOX! Let’s see what Frank’ E has to say for this big psychedelic journey of his life!

Psychedelic Magazine: Where, how and why all begin for you?

Koxbox: The Koxbox story started for me in Goa as an idea of making electronic music in the mid-eighties. And I had the first 5 Koxbox tracks ready for the Goa season 88/89. I have been making music most of my life, playing in bands, and when I discovered electronic music, I knew that that was what I wanted to do in life. So I started Koxbox and got signed for a record deal very quickly with Sven Väth on Hart House Records and that was the beginning of Koxbox.

Psychedelic Magazine: You have a new album out called “Scanner”. How long did “Scanner” Album took to make from start to finish?

Koxbox: The “Scanner” took a couple of years to make with a lot of work in the studio

Psychedelic Magazine: How did you come up with that name?

Koxbox: I just think the name Scanner covers all the stories in my music on the new album and if you have a look at the album cover, you will understand.

Psychedelic Magazine: What kind of ‘sound’, production-wise, did you have in the back of your mind, prior to entering the studio?

Koxbox: I wanted to make something different as I think a lot of bands sound the same today. I tried to come up with new ideas but still keeping the Koxbox sound.

© Courtesy of Free Earth Festival

Psychedelic Magazine: Any overall theme of mood that you’re trying to capture while writing your latest album?

Koxbox: Yes, we made a lot of good music in the old days, and I definitely try to capture the good part of the old story and make it together with the new sound of today.

Psychedelic Magazine: Does your vision for coming up with music get affected by decades passed?

Koxbox: I like to create journeys and stories in my music

Psychedelic Magazine: Did you intend to wait almost ten years before releasing your “Scanner” album? why you didn’t release earlier an album?

Koxbox: A lot of things was going on in my personal life, I worked on a lot of side projects. I did actually make a lot of music but I didn´t make an album until now.

Courtesy of Koxbox

Psychedelic Magazine: What was the most challenging part about making “Scanner” Album?

Koxbox: It wasn’t challenging at all. It was a lot of fun and pure pleasure.

Psychedelic Magazine: What’s the mindset when you go into the studio to work on a new track?

Koxbox: To make some good music that keeps the people smiling on the dancefloor.

Psychedelic Magazine: With all the traveling you do what’s one must have to keep producing music?

Koxbox: A computer.

Psychedelic Magazine: Are we alone in the universe or is there something or someone else out there?

Koxbox: There is definitely something out there somewhere, just listen to my music, maybe it will take you there.

Psychedelic Magazine: Thank you for your time Frank’ E!

Koxbox: It was my pleasure.

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