Freedom Festival Organizers Interview

7 years ago

Freedom Festival returns this summer to the place where the spirits can run wild. 2015 is the year of its 10th anniversary, and we take the opportunity to know who are hearts and minds behind one of the biggest festivals of Psytrance in Portugal: Nuno and GonÇalo.

Psychedelic Magazine: After all, who are you?

N&G: If you’re talking about our names, we are Nuno de Sá and Carlos GonÇalo Baptista. 39 and 40 years old but don’t tell anyone, ok? (laughs).
We grew up in urban areas of Portugal and our route before entering the psytrance world is very different from the other. Nuno was a freelance photographer and artist décor, as well as a soul surfer. Gonçalo has a degree in International Relations and worked in an office. We changed our lives, to pursue what inspires us: art, music, open spaces, nature, and good people.

Psychedelic Magazine: What does it mean for you the Psytrance universe? How it changes your life.

N&G: For us, the psytrance world means freedom of the mind, and the gatherings and parties are an inspiring opportunity to regain ancient philosophies and knowledge, bringing to us lost practices used by ancient cultures that should never have been forgotten. The spirit of unity and free expression makes us lighter and more human.

Psychedelic Magazine: Do you remember the exact moment when you decided to give birth to the Freedom Festival?

N&G: Of course we do, it was in 2004, during a casual conversation in a beach bar, with the wonderful scenery of the Anjuna beach, in Goa.

Psychedelic Magazine: What are the values that drive the forces of Freedom Festival?

N&G: We are all freedom fighters, so respect for mother nature, respect for other points of view, and love are our fuel values.

Psychedelic Magazine: Riding a festival like the Freedom Festival is the realization of a way of life possible? Providing the time and space where people live in community, exploring / expanding their inside is your best inspiration?

N&G: We are the fruit of a synergy. Freedom is a gathering that opens and inspires the minds of individuals in many ways. That’s our best inspiration as well. People who join us every year bring always more motivation and some brilliant ideas to share with us all, and that’s the magic of it, it’s mind-expanding.

Psychedelic Magazine: In an ideal world there would be [?]

N&G: We can make this world ideal to each one of us, that’s the key to free ourselves from the oppressing systems that were created to enslave us all. Fight instead of the silent revolution, the revolution of the mind.

Psychedelic Magazine: In your festival, you have look careful to have a related environmental awareness program, awareness that is also felt in the way you structure the event. How do you see that relation between humans and respect to human nature, are we smarter in nowadays or are we commiting the same mistakes as ever?

N&G: We totally do all we can to leave the least eco-footprint, that’s a big challenge because we are talking about building a big village with thousands of people that will be living together in nature. We try to get to their consciousness about not leaving trash on the ground and not to contaminate the soils with chemicals. We also re-use the most material from the last editions as we can for the production, in about 80%. Of course, we would love to make much more, but for that, we would need more cooperation from all: the people who visit us and from the local council.

Psychedelic Magazine: How do you describe your relationship with staff volunteers, with the artists, and with the public?

N&G: We are one.

Psychedelic Magazine: Who is the Freedom Festival visitant?

N&G: Everyone who loves good trance music, nature and new experiences.

Psychedelic Magazine: Your festival has an area with a medical team dedicated to receiving cases related to bad drug experiences, as some other bad experiences. What is your position on psychedelic drugs consume?

N&G: We have a Red Cross tend and ambulance 24h/day, and some experience with situations of drug abuse, we try to warn and help with drug test spots, but each individual must be conscious of what they wish to reach with the use of psychedelics and the way they use them. We totally respect psychedelics and we think that it is not something to be used irresponsibly.

Psychedelic Magazine: In a world increasingly connected via social networks, how this reality is revealed in a festival like Freedom?

N&G: The social networks totally change the way of communication and promotion worldwide of events like Freedom, made the information travel faster than light. With all the good and bad things that this new reality brings.

Psychedelic Magazine: Projects for the future?

N&G: Keep up with our Crystal Matrix events who are getting bigger and better inspiring a new generation, more cooperations with other promoters, and make Freedom Festival live long and true to its roots.

Psychedelic Magazine: Thank you both for your time & good luck! Anything last to say to our readers before we wrap this up?

N&G: Thank you also for hearing us out. Yes, Be happy! always living the dream and wishing the same to all!

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