Summer Never Ends Festival 2015 Review

6 years ago

What a killer festival that was! At one of the best locations, you can get. Beautiful memories are bombing our brain so let’s put our review for this wonderful festival in order:

The Location

Around 2 to 3 hours drive from Zurich (as were we arrived to take the festival bus), is the picturesque village Mulegns. Near there, approximately 1500 meters up in the Swiss Alps, you can find the wonderful world of Summer Never Ends Festival. In the middle of a pine forest, below the mindblowing peaks of the Swiss Alps. Few festivals can bring you so close to Mother Nature as this one. The main festival area spreads across a flat field, about a kilometer long (our estimation), with the camping area being connected by a dirt road and 3 minutes walking. Although it wasn’t any huge place, the organization succeed to fit 4 stages, without any real problems (sound-wise). All the festival is surrounded by an endless pine forest, making the scenery somewhat magical.

The Swiss Alps

Turning your head up could make it only more magical, by looking at the captivating mountain peaks of the Swiss Alps. That was really the highlight of the Summer Never Ends Festival. 4 days there and we couldn’t really get used to it! Each time we looked up, we were blown away by the beauty of the scenery. Definitely worth visiting!

The Festival

Although it has not been established (yet) as an international festival and we can say is more of a “local festival”, we certainly can short it as a “mid-high” budget festival. The organization crew put huge efforts to present something big. And they did deliver! In our humble opinion, with their main stage, they really took it to a whole new level! With the precious help of course from the ‘The ExtraDimensional space Agency’, the wonder-deco team ‘Artescape’ and the visual mapping from ‘Delta Process’, they really created something unique in the history of psytrance festivals.

The Main Stage

If you saw the video we are sure you are amazed right now, as we were every night with the theme these guys presented! As you can see in a compare with the people dancing, this construction was really big. We estimate around 10-12 meters high and about the same wide. Each petal of this “flower”, was outlined with LED lights so the end result you saw, was not only by the visual mapping but a combination of the LED lights and the visual mapping. Adding to all that, several of the petals had inside them robotic lights, creating a really dazzling spectacle! To tight all that together, the world-renowned ‘Artescape’, dropped a humongous “Butterfly” design (as you can see at the center pictures of this review) showcasing once more her unique talent. Kudos to the organization team and everyone involved creating this astonishing stage. Truly, one for the ages!

The Main Stage at Night

Aside from this fabulous “Butterfly” stage, the Summer Never Ends festival had another 3 stages. The second in line was the “Bubblebee” stage featured Full-On and Progressive Psytrance, the third in line was the “Dragonfly” stage featured exclusively High-Tech Psytrance and last but not least, the “Firefly” stage which served as the chill-out area. All stages received great care from the organization team and all were extremely well decorated. Our favorite one (aside from the main stage) turned to be the “Bubblebee” stage (music-wise) but that’s just a personal taste in music. All dancefloors were rocking!

In between clouds!

Food-wise, the festival included everything you expect to find. Or perhaps even more. A vast variety of shops and dishes was available, covering every possible need. From Pizza to burgers and from veggie foods to soups, they had it all. Really a lot and nice options to choose from.

The Music

Now we’re getting down to what festivals are all about! Music at the Summer Never Ends Festival was really, really, nice. Sound in all stages was powerful with the main stage, in our opinion, needed a little bit more! In a little “poll” we’ve made, people were satisfied by the power of the sound, so this is just a personal opinion. The line-up featured an immense pack of artists such as Tristan, Ace Ventura, Zen Mechanics (with the duo appearing also as Zentura), Ajja, Atmos, Lucas, Tsuyoshi, Dick Trevor, Perfect Stranger, LOUD, Earthling, Talpa, Tron, Cosmosis, E-Clip, Giuseppe, Hypnoise, Dark Elf, Tetrameth, our tutorial maker Mechanimal and more. Everybody gave their best and we had some really memorable performances. Very Psychedelic tunes, ultra atmospheric, bonding amazingly with the natural environment of the festival.

The “Bubblebee” Stage

The Conclusion

The only downfall we can find in this festival is that is being held every 2 years. Really! Such an amazing festival should be more often! But they know better than us. The weather conditions also may be a problem, as it’s not quite stable, but that’s a minor issue in compare with the magnificence of the location. We had sunny days, we had cloudy days. We had also some rainy ones, but with very thin drops and nothing really heavy. Throughout the festival though, the dancefloors were constantly packed with amazing people dancing happy under the Swiss mountain peaks. Final words, this is a ‘must-go’ festival. In every possible aspect.

We want to say a big danke to the SNE crew for their superb hospitality. Wonderful people, totally deserve your support. We ❤ you too!

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