Shivaneris Festival 2015 Review

7 years ago

Shivaneris is a festival that really appreciates Goa Trance. Goa has the roots of electronic music and sometimes people forget about it in Brazil.

I started to listen to Goa thanks to Shidapu. After I met his project of Progressive Trance called MUTe, he introduced me to his main project. Shivaneris was a dream that became true! I met Goa Trance in 2012, but it has a big place in my heart, sharing space with Psychedelic Trance, that made me fall in love with Trance. Goa is a very spiritual sound!

© Lauro Medeiros

The presentation of Shidapu was the highlight of the festival. Roy Sasson plays with a lot of passion. Everybody that was on the dance floor felt this emotion. The public was so emotional that they wrote Goa on the floor. I never felt so happy before! It was an odd moment and I would give everything just to live it again.

Shivaneris had great projects of Goa Trance, like DJ Inê, Psychowave, Marcelo Dih. Highlight also for Rabbit On Purple, the parallel project of Ianuaria.

The main stage also had a lot of Progressive Trance. Another special moment was thanks to Roy, the back of his project MUTe. I dreamed of this moment since 2012. I met his project at my first festival. MUTe is the best project of the Progressive Trance of nowadays. I had such a great trip, I felt like the first time I was on the dance floor. I need a time machine just to go back to that moment.

Talking about projects from Israel, another great presentation was Vini Vici.
The festival had great Brazilian projects, like Vegas, Element, Max Grillo vs V. Falabella, Tom S. Chillin.

A highlight for Future Frequency, the project of Avalon and Sonic Species.
The main floor also had a lot of Psychedelic Trance. A highlight for Avalon and Sonic Species. The Psychedelic Trance from England is the best! Highlight also for Ianuaria. He created one of the best moments on the dance floor.

© Aleka Fotografia

Shivaneris had great Brazilian projects, like Via Axis, Earthspace, Gabriel Vlainich. DJ Shove and The Remember Trance played great sets, in the best style Old is Gold! Another great project was Fabio Leal. He plays Progressive Dark Trance.

The festival also had the Psychofreacks stage. There was a place of high bpm playing Dark and Hi-Tech. I thought it was a nice idea because usually, people create a division in the festivals. When the Dark Trance starts to play on the Main Floor, the people that don’t like to go away, and the people who like to keep waiting only for that moment.

A place where I spent a lot of time was the Chill Out. The ambient had a lot of good energy and nice music. I never spent so much time in one Chill Out before.

Besides great music, the festival had a lot of nice activities. The Kids Stage taught the kids how to play trance. The festival had yoga and massage.

I liked the idea of exchange books. Yes, that’s right! A festival can be a place of reading. The public was beautiful and happy. A mix of adults, pregnant, babies, kids, and dogs. Everybody was welcome!

Shivaneris was more than a festival! It was an odd living in my life, that I waited for so long. The best days of my life!

Review by Marina Tavares

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