Own Spirit Festival 2015 Review

7 years ago

One month later of the Own Spirit Festival I really don’t know what to say. I’m still assimilating things. I know that I’m not going to communicate exactly what we lived, but I have to try luck! We just lived. Yes, we. This is the word I have to use for describing the Own Spirit Festival: WE.

I had the pleasure of sharing my creations as decoration of the Healing Area, a sweet place where there were extraordinary workshops during all the day. I don’t know if it was my little energy represented in my decoration, or the energy that all of the Own Spirit’s Staff put in that area as a energetic puzzle, but we lived an strange and precious energy that nowadays I can’t describe.

Courtesy of Own Spirit Festival

The workshops programmed were a delicious schedule where it was difficult to choose, each of them were compulsory attendance. Furthermore, every workshop was full of energy and passion: each of the participants gave his energy and time, creating an atmosphere full of magic, smiles, colours, hugs and shivers. I have to mention two workshops I specially loved:

Firstly, the great man Josep Pàmies, who with a confortable wisdom and sympathy exposed about the possibilities of getting medicines from what we have around, instead of using pharmacy’s drugs. He encouraged us to look for the possibilities that nature provides and alerted us about the pharmacy’s economic interests. It is essential information just for remembering we are still animals and not machines, despite someone is interested in the opposite.

Secondly, I could mention all of them but I won’t, because each was full of a unusual magic power. Let me remind some: Dj Shiva was amazing with his “Dance workshop” were the smiles, the shouts and the movement of the participants instantly attracted all the people around, making something so beautiful that I can’t hardly understand; Maya made “family constellations” on the festival, and that was huge and impossible to describe for my rational brain, only living it next year you will understand; the temazcal provided by the great and human shaman Wiricuta from Mexico was outstanding and it was nice returning to my mom’s womb listening psytrance.

Maybe I’m speaking too much of the workshops, but the Healing Area was so exceptional that made from Own Spirit more than a music festival. Be patient, I have left the best for the last part.

Courtesy of Own Spirit Festival

First of all, WOW! The same magic I tried to describe on the Healing Area was exponentially increasing with every sound that the Main Floor emitted. I didn’t take drugs, I promise, but I saw Butterflies dancing in spirals, little sand tornadoes, hugs everywhere and dancers giving their best on the dance floor. My brothers Mimesis decorated the Main Floor with their new creations full of psychedelic forms and amazing colours, and what was really exceptional were the special lights that produced a really psychedelic trip.

Making that magic possible, it’s not easy if the place you choose is not the best. The place where Own Spirit took place was perfect. Next to Montserrat mountains, there is a little place conditioned with dry toilets, cold water showers (believe me, it was terribly cold!), temazcal structures, and a perfect area for a Camping. When I arrived and saw the camping empty I though it was small for the assistants the crew expected, but the next day I got up and I had 15 neighbours next to my tend! The people found their own place for camping, were conscious of the nature and were really polite: they didn’t disturb my dreams in any case. We had a great neighborhood!

Next, the jewel: the music. As in the Healing Area I cannot mention everyone of the greats artists that played in Own Spirit Festival, although I have to make a little explanation of ones that I felt they made the magic growing up.

Firstable, U-Recken (live) who as usual set the bar very high after him. BlackLite Records with Nukleall (Live), Kimik Yiu (DJ set) and Sombrero (DJ set) who were the surprise and the discovery of the festival. They stand up the night with their psychedelic sounds and were the theme the people talk the next day.

After, I have to talk about Djane Gaby… well, what can I say about her? His sweet and feminine character raises the people. It doesn’t matter what are you doing, you feel connected with her and his music, and the way she is explaining her history. Completely amazing and beautiful what she does with the music. She is the one for doing that with the magic sounds that psytrance can give us.

Courtesy of Own Spirit Festival

Personally, the Live that OwnTrip played represents for me the energy, the happiness and the elegance all in one sound as a result of a hard work behind. Really nice work, I could describe his creations as small masterpieces sheathed as musical gift.

Hypatia, I bet he is the new promise of Psytrance of Ibiza. He blew up with his new sounds and rhythms and all the Main Floor turned crazy for a time and let him flow with his hypnotic sounds. You really must listen him.

The last day of the festival, Microstar from Greece made the difference and the dancers raised too much dust. On of my favourite’s ones of the last day was clearly Overclouds, he was the penultimate of the Festival and I felt in love with his set. It is clear: the hard work has its reward. And the last one sound of the Own Spirit Festival was produced by Lunatica who closed the festival with a beautiful tie, full of psychedellic highs and deep sounds.

Undoubtedly I have to talk about Psygroo, “the boss of the festival” the person who made OwnSpirit be a reality since the seed grew up in his mind and his crew. His Dj Set was full of sensibility, good tracks, tears of happiness and emotional shivers. There were some notes of __ that are going to be in my mind all my life; for one time he managed to convey the essence of a festival full of good energy and good people through the music. That notes in my memory are still playing when I remember OwnSpirit. Thank you, “Boss”.

For ending up, I can’t say more about Own Spirit Festival, only that it’s about time there was a Psytrance Festival of this pureness in Catalonia. I have to regret if someone thinks this essay it is not an objective opinion or too much personal, but I do know that people who was in that festival knows what I mean with these lines. Thanks to everyone who gave his small piece of energy on this festival, thanks for make it possible. We lived OWN Spirit Festival, WE made OWN Spirit Festival, and it will always be OUR festival.

Review by Marina Povez

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