Mundo de Oz 2014 Review

7 years ago

Happened between the days April 30 and May 4, 2014, one of Brazil’s finest, Mundo de Oz.

The name makes reference to the movie The Wizard of Oz. The festival happens at Lagoinha, São Paulo, a privileged place, with one beautiful waterfall, one of the most beautiful that I ever saw in my life.

There was the Chill Out and was wonderful wake up every morning and lay down in a hammock, listening to one beautiful sound and admire the amazing waterfall. The Chill Out from Universo Paralello and Mundo de Oz are my two favorites. The paradisaical place was chosen for one beautiful marriage, showing that the festival is a place for love. One phrase was decorating the Chill Out, saying: “Deliver me of empty love!” The highlight name, like usually, was the master Rica Amaral. I saw a little bit of his set, the public was on trance.

Courtesy of Mundo De Oz

The place had a beautiful landscape and great names, like: Rosa Ventura, Fabio Leal, Guilherme DelaGoa, Yesca, Amagat, Bocara, Murilo Ganesh. The main floor had great projects and serious styles: Goa Trance, Psychedelic Trance, Progressive Trance, Progressive Dark, Dark, and Forest. Highlight for Man2deep, the project of Rica Amaral and Pragmatix; Dj Inê; Zumbi; Yage; Labirinto; Twelve Sessions; E-Clip; the Israeli Symbolic; Dropped, the union of Element and Mental Broadcast; Subverso; Via Axys; Zonka; Fabio Leal; Minimal Criminal; Magma Ohm; Dj Feio; Jamessem; Venus, the new project of Rosa Ventura; 2012 live; Zaghini; Marina Ribeiro; Tera; Smoke Ship; Whiptongue; Jurassic Park; Dj Kitty, and others.

© Bruno Camargo

I spend big part of the festival in the main floor and I saw a lot of Brazilian projects that I was looking for a while. The decoration of the stage was very different, with a lot of lights and psychedelic projections at night.

The festival had one space for the new generation of festivals, with a lot of activities, songs, and lectures about the Environment. The Reciclowns were there, they are clowns concerned with the Environment that use funny skills and bring good laughs. Lectures were offered for the new mothers of Trance, talking about Natural Birth and breastfeeding.

© Bruno Camargo

Mundo de Oz had a good ambient for families and kids. So much love with mothers and children brought many beautiful babies and kids, making a sweet festival. One moment on the dance floor I could see the beautiful daughter of Defô, the organizer of the festival, she was taking a nap. The Psychedelic Trance was like a baby song for sleeping for her.

This was the most beautiful scene that I saw. The Zen Space offered options for relaxing and renew the energies, in front of the waterfall, the perfect place! Over there happened Yoga, meditation, massage, and therapy. The sound was Indian Music, Oriental Music, Mantra, and World Music.

© Bruno Camargo

The Eco Space had a beautiful entrance, the Dorothy’s house, this was a magic place. There happened movie sessions with cute squirrels and birds. Was impossible not be charmed. The Cultural Area had lectures about Vegan, Shamanism, Crystal, Love, Sex, Life, and another subjects about the Human Evolution. There happened theater and dance workshops.

The festival was wonderful, one of the best of the year, not only for me but also for the public. Thanks to Defô for his dedication and professionalism for the beautiful event. Thanks to Bruno Camargo for the amazing pictures showing the wonderful days of Mundo de Oz.

Review by Marina Tavares. Find her @ Facebook || Instagram

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