Boom Festival 2014 Review

7 years ago

August. Sunday morning. Arriving at the sunny Boomland. Idanha-a-nova Lake is so peaceful & beautiful waiting all the boomers from all around the globe.

© Murilo Ganesh

Boomland is much greener this year; grass is covering the lake’s shores offering peace to our devouring “city-eyes”. Feminine (Boom’s 2014 theme) statue at the entrance welcomes all boomers. It embraces, with feminine vibe and energy, the land, the family. This family will be created for the period Boomland and Boom Team offers us the opportunity to be a part of this oneness. Shakti. All workers, builders, sound technicians, decorators put their last touches, so everything is ready for another gathering of the Psychedelic Tribe.

© Murilo Ganesh

Walking around Boomland, you can’t help but noticing amazing structures, gardens, exciting installations, shade spots, environmental and recycling material. In the meantime, more and more people get in. Boom Buses are arriving continuously and lovely faces full of smiles pop out of them and tents like mushrooms in the wood pop out too.

© Murilo Ganesh

Along with the tents, the first queues in showers, toilets, and restaurants take place! And that is exactly the miracle: everybody is happy and the average time waiting to eat or go to the loots is 0 – 10 minutes depending the hour.

That’s a huge achievement when we are talking about managing 35000 to 40000 people living in nature! Its worth to mention, compost toilets, showers, and shops were so many than any other Boom’s edition. Music starts at the Chill Out Gardens, where a great blue-lime patterned stage, with wonderful green spots, hosts the Boomer who wants to experience the frequencies of the chill/ambient music, flowing under the trees, as there are speakers installed on them too. This is the place where the human mind interacts with the organic harmony of nature. Union. As we were talking with Rui from Good Mood, he explained to us that the landscape design was inspired by philosophy and spirituality, the garden of Epicurus in ancient Greece, or Zen Gardens in Asia. Some of the artists presented quality music performances were Aes Dana, Kuba, Johnny Blue, Master Margherita, Awakening Session, Mike Stellar, and many more.

© Murilo Ganesh

Later the same day Dance Temple, Alchemy Circle, and Sacred Fire start vibrating as well. All the people welcome the music; everybody joins this unique Boom vibe of oneness! Dance Temple is as big as never before and its construction is based and inspired by the “Sagrada Familia” cathedral in Barcelona, one of the most impressive pieces of architecture in the Western World. The bamboo construction is so elegant that we can’t imagine how much work needed to be built. Two gates form the temple’s entrance, the Venus portals, which are portals dedicated to the Earth Goddess! So at night time, you could experience mind-blowing 3D visual effects, as both portals were video-mapped.

What to say about the sound! Once again Function One Soundsystem provides us generously with amazing clarity. This year’s dance Temple features the latest speaker technology: the 1.80 * 16m infrabass low-frequency generator known as the “wall of Bass”. Music and line up designed and served to make the Boom family connect even more. From the depths of the Boomer’s heartbeat till the frequencies of the kick drums of the huge soundsystem, WE ARE ONE!!!

Dark-Psy, Hi-Tech, Forest Psytrance, Organic & Full-on psychedelic music as the night evolves, leading to Psy-Prog mornings, with most of the top artists of the scene. Some of the highlights were definitely Atmos live performance, Farebi Jalebi, Anoushka Shankar with her virtuous sitar, Ace Ventura, (so thrilled to keep up with his 5-hour performance to satisfy the enormous dancing crew!), Tristan, Shane Gobi closing and many more!

© Murilo Ganesh

Alchemy Circle, this year, is moved from the shores of the lake further back. Better sound, less humidity proves that the choice is good. We listen to great hypnotic techno, sophisticated progressive trance, really good dark progressive music, and everything that might pop up in between those genres, reproduced from the world premiere “Vero” sound system from Function one!

There were so many great artists performed in the Alchemy circle. Some of them: D-Nox & Beckers, and Nanoplex live delivered great music and appearance performances. Also, James Monro proved once again his unique skills in track selection and mix. In addition, Extrawelt, Hypogeo, Pena, Ticon, Diogo Ribeiro, Perfect Stranger, and many more made all the people dancing like crazy.

Sacred Fire stage surrounded by magic gardens in an almost fairy – tale forest setting, hosts boomers who love bands. Dj Booth in a natural setting offered an Afro, Indian, Ethno-fusion, Psych rock, Dub, Organic Trance, and Fusion blend, a day by day – themed schedule. Sitting, lying, eating, dancing, however, the boomer wants to experience transformation through music, sacred fire offers choices for everyone! Mysterious flowers, lighted mushrooms, handcrafted sits and psychedelic art transcends the Boomer to a world of light and love.

© Murilo Ganesh

Healing Area, Funky Beach, Central plaza, Flea market, Art galleries complete the scenery and the Boom Village. As we are walking by the beach in ‘Avenida Albert Hoffman’ we enter into the mouth of the huge dragon wooden installation, where it is located Boom’s Visionary Art Museum. Breathtaking paintings from several artists from all around the world like Adrew Jones, Alex Grey, Olga Klimova to name a few, creates a space where human creativity is celebrated. Either one wants to receive a massage, practice yoga, learn about psychedelic culture and art, or just enjoy a cocktail on the beach, Boom is the right place to do it!

One can also watch films and documentaries towards new perspectives every night in Liminal Village! Boom Festival offers Boomers a place to share ideas and knowledge as well. Liminal village and workshops during the festival provide Boomers an opportunity to evolve, mature, and educate within the psychedelic culture and lifestyle. Liminal Village hosted this year’s 4th futurological symposium of ‘free cultural spaces’ and gave Boomers the opportunity to listen and participate in great talks about music, culture, food activism, sustainability, science, art and consciousness towards a world without limits.

Bim Bam Boom that was a specially-designed area for kids, Boom Medical Service, and Kosmicare make the Boom festival appropriate for families as well.

© Murilo Ganesh

As we have been part of the Boom Family and experienced Boom Festival since 2000, we could say that Boom has evolved from a psychedelic festival to the absolute gathering of the psychedelic tribe & free spirits that sets the standards for sustainable large scale events worldwide.

Compost toilets, water treatment facilities with plants, vegetable oil for the generators, wind and solar energy supply, recycling, reusing materials, reforestation, and bio construction based on sustainability and to the practice of the principles of permaculture make Boom unique.

Boom Festival 2014 was an absolute blast! 10th edition of the Boom festival prooved that every two years, it is becoming better & better in all aspects and always introducing something new.

Ecology, music, health, nature, dance, and fun in one week! A week that lasts forever. A week that can transform your life.

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