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Sensogram interview

We spoke with Sensogram about their project and their future plans:

PM: Hi Guys, could you introduce yourself in a few words, for those who might not yet know you?

Sensogram: Sure! We are Alex Karanasos (GR) and Simon Revill (UK). We have been producing progressive psytrance music together since 2010 as Sensogram.

PM: It’s been almost two years since your first full-length album. What are your plans now? Are you working on any new tracks?

Sensogram: After our first album `Parallel Minds’, released on Phoenix Groove Records, we have released an EP `One Million Dollars’ and several other tracks on different        labels like Ovnimoon, Powerhouse Records and YSE. Since then our style has been evolving and now we are ready to make our second album. Actually, we are currently in the process of creating our updated sound and putting together our ideas. It is an exciting time for us!

PM: What evolutions in your style and taste motivated you to make another album?

Sensogram: Since our first album our style has evolved. Now, our sound is tougher and influenced by more up-tempo, full on style trance. Our music is a bit faster these days, but we still keep it progressive and hypnotic with the right groove. We went through some hardware and software changes; moving from Logic to Cubase and this has changed the way we work for the better. All of this came together nicely, which gave us the inspiration and motivation to start working on the new album.

PM: What or who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Alex: Pink Floyd, KLF, INXS, James Monro, Vibrasphere, Antix, Tristan.

Simon: Metallica, Bach, Steve Vai, Vibrasphere, Astrix, Freq.

PM: Any further comments you would like to make?

Sensogram: Keep supporting the artists who make your favourite music. Hopefully we’ll see you around soon at a festival or party. If you do see us, please come and say hello!

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