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Eat Static interview

This time we talk to a fellow star traveler!  Meet Merve Perpler from Eat Static!

Psychedelic Magazine: Hi Merve and thank you for meeting us! 2014 is a special year for Eat Static, you celebrate 25 years in the EDM scene. Take us back to 1989 when it all started! At first, you were a Techno duo along with Joie, right?

eat static interviewEat Static: Thanks a lot! Actually, it all began as a 3 piece. Joie and I were already working together as Wooden Baby then the third member Steve Everitt joined and we became Eat Static (Wikipedia). Steve left in 94 to concentrate on raising a son and doing music for television. He is one of the most successful guys at that in the country now. Joie left in 2008. I’m the last man standing!

Psychedelic Magazine: But you didn’t stick to one music genre.

Eat Static: well, the main reason for that is we both LOVED all types of music. As long as it was a bit leftfield, wacky, psychedelic etc. We came from a rock n roll background having both been in many rock bands including The Ozric Tentacles. But for us, electronic music was exciting! The whole enjoyment came from not being constricted with BPMS, styles genre’s whatever.

Psychedelic Magazine: Where did the inspiration come from? What were your favorite sounds at the time?

Eat Static: obviously the main influence in our stuff is the science fiction/alien thing. The area I grew up in was a UFO hotspot and I was visiting my first crop circles in the 70s. Joie and I also had a love of old B movies featuring aliens and monsters so it was bound to come out in our music! they married well together! Sounds wise, we both (and still do) love old analog synths. Synths you can feel sound real and are very tweakable while you play.

Psychedelic Magazine: Nowadays is it only Psychedelic Trance you get involved with?

Eat Static: of course not. My last album was for Interchill and was a full length downtempo album. The new anniversary album is gonna be double CDs and will also include a full-length, downtempo experimental album.

Psychedelic Magazine: Being around for the last two and a half decades you have seen the scene’s evolution better than most! Which period would you call the “golden years” of Psy Trance? Or maybe you think they have yet to come?

Eat Static: well for me, iallImiss are the characters that used to be around. A lot of the artists nowadays are so bland. No personalities. And it shows in their music. Too many people copy each other and sound the same. I also miss seeing electronic music live. Nearly all the artists I used to gig with played live – Orbital, Aphex Twin, Underworld. None of these guys were getting up on stage and pressing play on a laptop and stood around doing nothing. If people pay to see you, I ts your job to work for them and give them their money’s worth. That’s my ethos anyway.

Psychedelic Magazine: From 1991 that you had your first release, your discography goes huge! When should we expect your next album?

Eat Static interview

Eat Static: I am hoping to have it out late summer! its been a long time coming but it’s sounding how I wanted it to sound now. I went back to old school methods of recording, ditching a lot of the digital side to use the analogs more again. I was also taking every sound to its maximum and doing hours and hours of experimentation. I wanted this to be something special.

Psychedelic Magazine: You have worked along with many artists over the years, which are your latest collaborations?

Eat Static: the new album actually features the most collaborations I have ever done. There are tracks with Laughing Buddha, Chris Rich, Robbert Heijnen, Martian Arts, Georgina Brett, Elaine Instinctive, Steve Everitt has also come back in for 2 tracks together…classic static! There may be one or two other special guests yet but we shall see!

Psychedelic Magazine: Your studio must be blasting! Tell us a few of your favorite toys in it!

Eat Static: My main toy as always is still the Roland SH5 with the Waldorf Wave, SH101, Korg MonoPoly, Korg Poly6, TB303, TR808/909, favorite plug-ins are probably AudioDamage stuff.

Psychedelic Magazine: And when not in the studio what “eats” your time? Your Radiozora show still on the air?

Eat Static: still doing the Radio shows which I enjoy a lot! have also been teaching at a couple of different colleges in Israel and have been doing a lot of mastering of late.

Psychedelic Magazine: Where do you enjoy performing the most? Indoor parties or Open Air Festivals, and why is that?

Eat Static: Festivals for sure! Especially the ones in nice warm places. Israel is a favorite along with Croatia, Portugal Hungary, and Japan.

Psychedelic Magazine: In which festivals will we see you this summer?

ES: this summer I am headlining Boom festival, playing SUN festival, Antaris, Finland, Transylvania Calling. I am also doing Hilltop festival in Goa next Feb!

Psychedelic Magazine: A few hints for new producers?

Eat Static: best producers I have heard this year are the greeks!I kid you not! The nu school of trance guys is really impressing me with their passion and drive. Martian Arts, Audioform, Black Noise. All doing the biz. As for advice? Do your own thing! Don’t copy others! Make your own sounds! Switch those sample CDs! Enjoy yourself making the music!

Psychedelic Magazine: Your special message to the psy-world?

Eat Static: prepare for upgrades. I’m coming to get you.

Psychedelic Magazine: Thank you for this interview Merve! Wish you will be rocking the dancefloors for at least 250 years more!

Eat Static: (laughs) thanks! I think!
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